Engineering Master Quadrajets

Just imagine....back in the early days of performance engines for production vehicles. The auto company specs out their engine, and it needs a carburetor. So that is also sent to the Rochester plant for the carburetor calibrations. This plant goes to work for the design, build and calibration for each specific carburetor code to be used that year. After the design was completed, the master was created. The Engineering Master. This was said to be hand carried by the executives to the automotive company for final approvals. Once approved and signed off, they were carried back to the plant, painted gold to indicate they were ready for production.  Every single carburetor produced with that code that year had to meet the specification tolerances to that single Engineering Master. They were then placed in storage where they were to be kept forever. They should never be sold or leave the facility.

Well, here comes progress, and these old production facilities were no longer needed. There was no more carburetor production, so the factories were closed and possibly sold off. Inventory and items were sold. Most things probably sold for scrap and hauled away.

Yet, somebody found some of these Engineering Masters. They moved around for a while, and were almost scrapped again, and we found some. We were able to save about 50 of these from destruction. These incredible pieces of history are now available for your collection. These are all unique one of a kind historical pieces. Most have special markings and stamps, even parts and pieces that were never in the final production units.

These unique and rare masters will be sold as they are. Most have tags with flow numbers, notes and signatures. Some have special ink marking or stamping. All are special and would be the first produced units of their particular code.

They could be build and functional for a vehicle if you desired, or can be left as the incredible piece of history that they represent.