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EZ Order Premium Rebuild Kits

Easy to order and easy to use. Just enter your Quadrajet code number for ANY Quadrajet, and you will receive the specific professional quality items you need to rebuild your carb correctly.

These kits are specific for your application. You get exactly what you need without a bunch of extra parts to throw away.

Same fast shipping as our other kits.

Vacuum pull offs and choke elements sold seperately.

Find your Quadrajet code here.

  • Quadrajet custom rebuild kit

    QB1 Quick EZ kit

    Enter your Quadrajet code number in order. We have the data for almost every Quadrajet produced and will assemble this kit specific for your Quadrajet code number. And it ships fast, just like our pre-made kits!  Any Quadrajet 4MV, 4MC, M4MC, M4ME,...

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  • QB2 Pro EZ Kit

    QB2 Pro EZ Kit

    Professional quality kit to do a complete correct build for any Quadrajet. PRO EZ Kit Includes:  Jets Primary rods for early external APT carbs "B" series APT access plug for internal APT carbs, to easily adjust rod position Power piston...

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  • QB3 EZ Recalibration Kit

    QB3 EZ Recalibration Kit

    Professional quality complete kit for a correct build for any modified engine. Any engine that has higher compression and larger camshaft and other performance modifications requires a properly calibrated Quadrajet to idle correctly and have smooth...

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