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Looks matter?

Looks matter?

Mar 7th 2018

So what should a Quadrajet look like anyway?

Ask 100 experts, get 100 different answers. There are many general ideas of what a "restored" Quadrajet should look like. We have studied our engineering carbs that have never been on an engine, looked at old photos, read the books. But they weren't built for beauty back in the day. They were built to perform, and they did a great job at that.

The chemicals and systems used during production in the 60's and 70's are no longer in use. Too dangerous to work with for the people using it and the planet. We have searched for years, and tested many products and systems. What we found is some of the hobby type systems will work for a short period of time, and they are cheap to replenish. Commercial systems are crazy expensive and designed to do large items and batches.

Tyler really focused on this for the past several months to get our in house systems consistent and provide the best look possible. And he did it!!!

We now have a commercial plating system in place for our small batch use. We do a zinc plating process on all of the external hard parts of the carb, and then a chromate dip for either the yellow/gold look or silver look. The main body and air horn are stripped and we use a chemical color process to bring out the original look and color. 

You can see 100's of our pictures on our Facebook page and website of Quadrajets that we have refinished. Each carb is unique after 50 years, just like we are as people. Some just had a hard life and the final look can and will vary because of that. We think the look is great and would win a beauty contest next to an original from 50 years back. 

We are going to continue to refine our skills to make every carb look its best, and out perform any other option.