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How do I......oh well

How do I......oh well

Mar 1st 2018

Don't give up, you can do it.....or we can for you!

So, this little old carburetor just has one job. Just one thing to do. Mix fuel and air, right? So it must be easy to work on. Well, back in the old days when a simple kit with gaskets was all that was needed to refresh an almost new Quadrajet, it was pretty easy. These days, these 30, 40 or 50 year old units need a little extra attention. So we will show you some items in the coming weeks.

How about the secondary air valve cam. This plastic piece is in the center of the air valves and raises the secondary hanger and rods when air valves open. Like most plastic items on a hot engine for 50 years, they crack and fall apart. We replace this cam, along with the tension spring on every Quadrajet we build here. Most we take out are cracked, and many are broken or missing.

You need to take off your air valves, which requires filing the tips off of the screws on the under side. Then you can just slid the shaft out and put new cam in. See how easy that sounds? Our secondary air valve replacement kit has the cam, tension spring and 4 new screws for you. Kit link here. And instructions are on the website.