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Getting started....

Getting started....

Feb 26th 2018

A big pile of dirt.

Our business here started as a hobby. For many years, we built carbs for our friends, and word got around. So in 2017 we decided to go all in. Now, a little more than a year later and we are very pleased with the beginning of the company. Our whole family is involved, most for volunteer work. We have a lot of fun together getting this whole thing going. None of us knew how many Quadrajets might come our way for a rebuild or restoration, but we were confident that our idea would generate steady business.

That idea was to provide affordable services for the Quadrajet user. We wanted to do a complete carb rebuild, replacing all parts and performing the services to make it better than new. 

One pebble at a time to move the pile.

We have now added two commercial blast cabinets so we can utilize different media, and the compressed air capacity to feed them. Commercial plating system has now been added, and after much trial and testing, we believe our finished products are looking great! We now have over 400 Quadrajet cores to build from, and 100's more for pieces and parts. We met with suppliers for the best quality parts so we can use them ourselves and make them available to you. That required a website design and build, inventory software, purchasing software, shipping software, and to keep track of all of it, accounting software.  And.......well, you get the idea.

We hope you enjoy our parts and services, that is what we are here for. We will continue to offer our best and we will never stop trying to improve our operations to provide the best available for an affordable cost.

Keep moving forward, one shovel at a time!