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Calibration data

Calibration data

Nov 3rd 2018

Quadrajet Calibrations. Long post, deep subject.
Things to think about....
Every Quadrajet code is unique for the original application.
The calibration is a combination of all of these components:
primary rods
upper main air bleeds (MAB)
Lower main air bleeds
Upper idle air bleeds (IAB)
Lower idle air bleeds
Idle tube restrictions
Down channel restrictions
Idle bypass air
Idle screw hole
Seconday rods
and more, but you get it.
We have collected data over the years for over 500 Quadrajet code numbers. For example, here are the number of different sizes for each of the above we have found:
Jets: 16
Primary rods: 43
MAB's 36
IABs 48
Idle tube 20
DCR 31
bypass 40
idle screw 34
This is why a quadrajet from anything other than it's original intended engine will not run correctly, unless recalibrated. One size does NOT fit all. Which is why the commercially remanufactured units do not do well. They are set up generic. Quadrajets have been cast aside for years because people do not understand this. Sure, any quadrajet can be built for any engine with proper modifications.
When we custom build for modified or race engines, we like to start with a Quadrajet that is close as possible to the engine. For example, Modified 396 Chevy would start with a big block chevy core if possible. This isn't required, but is our preference.
Setting up your Quadrajet for a performance modified engine requires more than just a jet change. And if you are putting a stock quadrajet on anything other than it's original application, will also require proper modifications for proper performance. You might get start up, idle and drive ability, but would not get the level of performance and economy unless calibrations are correct.
We offer our recalibration kits, parts, services to help you get the best performance for your engine. The data we have collected through the years helps us know what is required.

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