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Bolt on and go? Not always

Bolt on and go? Not always

Aug 16th 2018

Every Quadrajet we build is tested, and cross check to for proper operation and tolerances. But are we perfect? No, not possible. Much of our carburetors are built for modified engines. Almost every engine has been rebuilt and reworked to some extent, so the factory calibrations are no longer correct and we compensate for that in our builds. We have done thousands and with our entire company focus is on the Quadrajet, so we are able to know and understand the majority of applications and properly set up and calibrate our carbs so they can be bolted on with minor adjustments and go.

So, what happens when our fresh built carb can't be dialed in easily.

We provide instructions with each carb, and has some trouble shooting information in it. Idle is the most common issue, and we address many common things to help set it up and dial it in. Timing is one of the biggest influences on idle. Most of the time, we can help our customers tune out and get on the road.

But, sometimes, we need the carb back to our shop to make some changes. Yes, we hate it to, but remember what we are working on for you. A decades old carburetor.  When it is necessary to return one for re-calibration and set up, we need good specific information to get that done correctly for you. We have to be able to understand the specifics so we can make the necessary changes to remedy the problems you have. We have a tuning form on our website, and we will email it when needed. When we get good data, we can usually make the changes return and you can enjoy it!

The Diablo you see in the pictures was a great example of the vehicle owner, and us, sharing the required information to get the idle correct, and the carb dialed in to the engine. Our built carb just wouldn't settle down on idle, and we tried to help remote and just couldn't get it done. So the owner returned it to us after we discussed the specifics. We made the changes, and now, the owner states the tires spin through second gear and idle is where it needs to be.

So, thank you all for your business, we truly appreciate it.

And for the few that need our extra help to get one working the best, we appreciate you working with us and providing the critical data so we can make it that way. That is what our warranty period is for. We want everything we build to provide years of enjoyment for the owner.