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Quadrajet Custom built to order

We make ordering your new Quadrajet easy!!! 

We supply everything you need and no additional core cost!

Click on the item below, after you read this information to help you select the Quadrajet build that you need.

Just let us know what you are needing and what you are driving, and we will build you a Quadrajet to match your needs. We will build a Quadrajet we select and set it up specific for your application, using a core we have on hand, typically created originally for the same make as your car.

Completely rebuilt and ready to run and compatible with todays ethanol added fuels. Comes with base gasket, air cleaner gasket and new fuel filter.

If you are looking for a specific Quadrajet code number, please ask or search in our "Ready to Build" section. We have hundreds available. Prices vary based on the specific code number.

What level build do you need?

Level 1 Build: Level 1 is for a stock engine with the correct Quadrajet for the year, make, model and cubic inch engine.  The Quadrajet will receive many enhancements to correct known issues.  Such as epoxy sealed fuel wells.  Jets and primary rods will be chosen to calibrate for today’s ethanol added fuels, which burn faster than the original fuel the Quadrajet was designed for.

Level 2 Build: Any engine that has been modified with a mild cam, headers, aluminum intake, or the Quadrajet wasn’t originally make for this stock engine would need at least the level 2 build.  This level also good for a stock engine that a customer is looking for great driving characteristics, but wants that great performance when the pedal is pressed to the floor.  This Quadrajet will provide a good idle and smooth transition all through the power band.

This level also good for the driver looking for serious performance.  Engines with modifications including higher lift camshaft, higher compression, head porting and other performance modifications will benefit from the level 2 build.  Engine will idle correctly on the idle circuits, and have smooth transition all through the power band.  Secondaries will open quickly and fully to give that engine the flow it is looking for to deliver the power it was built for.

‚ÄčLevel 3 Build: Built for maximum performance.   This Quadrajet will utilize our tips and tricks to get the most when you need it.  Still has good street manners, in fact, much better street manners than any aftermarket performance carburetor.  But this Quadrajet will bring you the maximum power you are looking for.

 If you are looking for a specific Quadrajet code number, please ask or search in our "Ready to Build" section. We have hundreds available. Prices vary based on the specific code number.

We custom build to order, so allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

This Quadrajet build is perfect for any year make and model vehicle. Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, and any other Quadrajet models.

Need help? Quadrajet Service Request Form Fill out this form and submit with your specs and we will let you know what we recommend.

Have your own core? Send it to us for a professional build. See services for details.



We offer 3 finish options to choose from:


  1. Original finish, cleaned. This is the lowest cost method, and the finished product depends on the condition of the core. It may have some rust on external parts, and color may not be uniform on body and air horn from the years of service. N/C
  2. Hard parts plated and body and air horn re-colored.  External hard parts are zinc chromate plated and colored for rust protection and better looks. Body and air horn are cleaned, and recolored with chemical method.  $49 when combined with build.
  3. Body and air horn are zinc chromate plated, as well as the external hard parts. This process involves cleaning and stripping main body and air horn, zinc plating them, and then adding the color. External parts are done as well.  $99 when combined with build.



Best protection against rust and elements and make the Quadrajet look great!